OXO Tot No-Tip Baby Bottle Dishwasher Basket


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Getting sick of losing all those sippy cup parts, straws, and bottle nipples in your dishwasher? Then give the OXO No Tip Dishwasher Basket a try! With its space-efficient design you’ll never have to worry again.


Who knew that when you had kids that one of the things you’d have to worry about is losing things like detachable straws or even bottle nipples in the dishwasher. With the OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket you can throw those worries out the door!

With its space-efficient design, it’s a must have dishwasher basket for baby bottles or whatever else needs cleaned for your child. The doors of this Dishwasher Basket can accommodate up to 8 bottle nipples. The internal flip-down straw holders also help keep sippy-cup straws upright and secured.

Add this baby Dishwasher Basket to your arsenal and make your days a lot easier!


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