Tomy Bath Rocket Fountain


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Turn bath time into fun time with the Bath Rock Fountain from Tomy! Thanks to it’s magical rush of water any toddler or infant will come to love and demand bath time!


The Tomy Bath Rocket Fountain Toy will help make any parents day easier with their toddler or infant demanding more bath time. Just Dip the rocket under water and let them watch it fill up. Watch as the level of the water rises with the stowaway starfish. Then when they’re ready hold the Bath Rocket Fountain Toy up and watch how the water flows in a dome shape. Use it for the bath, pool, or even the beach!

Tomy Bath Rocket Fountain Toy Features

  • The Fountain Rocket Toy helps your children get used to getting their hair wet in the bath in a fun way!
  • Dunk the rocket under water and watch as the starfish rises along with the water level to see how full the rocket is.
  • Holding the rocket up lets the water escape below in a wonderful dome shape!


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